Experiential Learning Programs

Eisenhower Institute programs provide an immersive, hands-on experience that develops practical skills to prepare students for a lifetime of public, private, and non-profit service. In a 2021 survey, 93% of employers identified teamwork and complex problem-solving as key skills for success. A recent survey of 200+ employers found that Gettysburg College graduates outperform their peers in these and other must-have career skills.

EI's programs allow students to learn and practice enduring skills for jobs that haven't even been imagined yet. Our participants meet with experts, communicate in teams, analyze data and apply critical thinking to develop creative solutions to public policy problems. We emphasize project-based learning to create future leaders who inspire the world to meaningful action.

Full Year

Students standing outside with plants around them

Environmental Leadership

Head to the US-Mexico border to see how water sustains life amid complex politics and climate change. 

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Fall Semester

Women getting off a bus in front of the Capitol building

Foundations of Strategy and Leadership

Learn the basics of strategic thinking and leadership from expert-in-residence Susan Eisenhower.

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Hands of a school age child doing homework

Building America: Reinventing Education

Explore policies and federally-funded programs to get students back on track after the pandemic.

globe with map of china highlighted on the surface

Global Focus: Competing With China

Design a strategy for America's biggest competitor.

Fall and Spring Semester

Students standing in front of the White House

Inside Washington

Spend Fridays in DC tracking key races in the 2024 election. Discover who and what's influencing the vote.

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Spring Semester

Row homes in San Francisco, California

Building America: Affordable Housing

Gain an in-depth understanding of homelessness, challenges of providing affordable housing, and the promise of innovative solutions. Examine policies on housing and homelessness in urban and rural areas.

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Globe showing a map of Europe

Global Focus: Germany's Heartlands

Compare revival of post-industrial communities in the U.S. and Germany.

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Emerging Threats in National Security

Examine non-traditional threats to national security from a new perspective.

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Strategy & Leadership in Transformational Times

Develop a project that focuses on one of the many complex challenges confronting our society locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally under the guidance of our expert-in-residence, Susan Eisenhower.

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Study Trips

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Gender and Leadership

Explore intersections between gender and leadership in business and government.

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Photo of a Civil Rights related statue

Inside Civil Rights

Explore President Eisenhower’s role integrating schools and other civil rights moments that impact social justice today.

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