World War II: Another Side

World War II: Another Side

Oct. 2018 - May 2020

Life of Civilians and Military Personnel in Europe

Photographs by Sgt. Burdette J. Marker, Staff Photographer, 71st Division, U.S. Army

Library Lower Level

This exhibit features a collection of black and white photos taken by Sgt. Burdette Marker, the former father-in-law of Art and Art History Adjunct Instructor Brent Blair. History major Philip Pane, ’17 first encountered the negatives in Blair’s Introduction to Photography class. After graduating, Philip did further research on these negatives and selected some to print and display for this exhibit.

Sgt. Marker served as an official photographer of the 71st United States Infantry Division during World War II. He took these photographs in France, Germany, and Austria during the final months of the war. The 71st was a “rapid response” division serving as part of General Patton’s 3rd Army. The photos displayed show war-related activities, but also convey the daily life of the soldiers.