Paige Evans ’20: Defying Labels

In this era of specialization, students may feel pressured to choose between passions and focus their energies on a single intellectual pursuit. At Gettysburg College, however, we believe in the value of multidisciplinary study—a hallmark of a liberal arts experience. Our students are encouraged to take ownership of their education, chart their own paths, and define their own identities.

Paige Evans ’20, like many students, has widespread interests and has never been able to describe herself as just one thing. In fact, the multidisciplinary approach at Gettysburg College has given her the freedom to be shaped by everything from algorithms to Aristotle to recreational sports.

“Everything I have done in my life has brought me to where I am today, and all of those things are what make me who I am,” said Evans, a recipient of the College’s prestigious David Wills Scholarship. “My choice to come to Gettysburg was not random. I knew a liberal arts education here would help me to feel fulfilled in my studies and give me the freedom to explore avenues I didn’t even realize were a possibility.”

As a mathematics major and philosophy minor, Evans has learned to see beauty in complexity. She finds it within the elaborate proofs that bring life and vibrancy to the whiteboards of Glatfelter Hall. She also experiences it in her day-to-day interactions with friends, as they—often unconsciously—debate the age-old views of Rousseau, Locke, and other titans of philosophy over lunch at Servo.

Paige Evans standing in front of Penn Hall

“My time here at the College has not been a colorless one. I have taken full advantage of the great opportunities afforded to me and I am making a difference on campus,” said Evans, who outside the classroom models for the art department, is a member of the Delta Gamma sorority, and recently found a group of friends who share her interest in skateboarding. “All of the clubs and jobs I have on campus serve a purpose and add so much to my life. I am always looking for new ways to engage myself and make connections with the people I am surrounded by.”

Evans is also a student fundraiser for the Gettysburg Fund. By engaging with fellow Gettysburgians to support the College and its students through the collection of annual fund donations, Evans has witnessed how her efforts, although small, contribute to a larger, more meaningful goal—and help to make the programs she’s involved in possible.

This emphasis on teamwork was engrained in Evans from an early age through music. When she first played the violin in her school orchestra, Evans was awestruck by what she and her friends could accomplish together.

Paige Evans standing in front of Glatfelter HallUsing the diverse experiences and skills she has gained at Gettysburg as guideposts for her future, Evans has her sights set on graduating in fall 2020, a semester earlier than expected, and combining her love of engaging with others with her interests in music and mathematics. She will intern at Universal Music Paramount Studios in Los Angeles this summer as a member of their marketing team, and Evans hopes to serve as a Continuous Improvement Data Analyst for the music industry after the internship concludes.

“As students, we are all trying to make something of ourselves and find our greater purpose,” Evans said. “Yet, when you look at our lives from a broader point of view it is really easy to see that we are all defined by our collective identity as Gettysburg College students, and together—in our own unique ways—we create a campus that has a really magical impact on the world around us.”

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By Eve Mulleady ’22
Photos by Phuong Do ’21
Posted: 02/10/20