VIDEO: Unleash your curiosity with the Center for Global Education

Unleash your curiosity with the Center for Global Education

Venissa Ledesma 19 using a telescope on a jeep car in Tanzania

Can you imagine climbing the Great Wall of China? Do you see yourself working with and mentoring school-aged children in Senegal? Are you dreaming about camping under the stars in Tanzania? It’s possible.

At Gettysburg College, we encourage our students to be inquisitive thinkers who ask questions and seek out answers. Through partnerships in countries like China, Senegal, and Tanzania, our students have the opportunity to engage in global study experiences, and those experiences help to unleash a desire for a lifetime of curiosity and positive impact.

With a campus community where nearly 60 percent of Gettysburg students study globally for at least one semester, and with students who study languages and cultures in every degree on campus, Gettysburg’s education is global in every sense.

Learn more about the impact of our students’ experiences by watching our video featuring Venissa Ledesma ’19, Tyler Mann ’20, and Olivia Lambert ’19 as they make the world their classroom.

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